Completion Bonds


What is a completion bond?

A completion bond or completion guarantee is a form of risk protection that allows film financiers to guarantee that the producer will complete and deliver a film on time. In addition, the agreed-upon script, cast and budget will also be adhered to, thus minimizing the potential for unforeseen delays and extra costs.

THE Bonding process: How does it work in Greater China?

We help ensure that your production is:

  • Produced on time
  • Produced within budget
  • Delivered to the distributor

What we will need from you:

As per industry standard, we will need detailed documentation stating your film’s proposed script, shooting schedule and budget.

Initial review for bonding your film in Greater China is no more complex than in the US and elsewhere internationally.

Throughout the pre-production and production process, the procedure is also the same as it is in the US and overseas. We will send assessors to regularly visit onsite and confirm that the production is on schedule and the budget is on target.